Master Photography Pricing

Unlock the secrets to charging what you want and boost your income

Unlock the secrets to charging what you want
 and boost your income

Imagine this...

A thriving photography business where you have a framework to price yourself in every situation. Where you are confident about your prices no matter if it’s 
200,  2k or 10k offer. 

Where you don't need to ask anyone's opinion about pricing and you know how to present your prices to clients with confidence and in the way that they stand out from the crowd.  

Where pricing becomes easy.

Imagine how it would feel, if you were able to do this? 

How would your life change?  

I am beyond excited to welcome you to the workshop where I lift the curtain and share all of the secrets of my business.  

 I reveal the strategies that helped me go from doubt and overwhelm each time I had to make an offer to confidently and quickly making quotes that go into high 5 figures working with a global client base in food, product and portrait photography.  

      The best part? You’ll learn how to apply that to your photography business too.        

I remember when I started my photography business I would waste so much time wrecked with doubt about what my prices should be and each time I would send a quote I’d have this feeling that I should have asked more. Untill I made a few changes that transformed everything.


Welcome to my world!

Hi, I’m Gintare, soul stirring image creator who loves bridging the worlds of business and photography, believes that a problem is serious if it can’t be solved with chocolate or wine and lover of beauty.

How do you get to that point of confidence and ease in pricing?

in other words, what will the workshop cover?



The essential things your pricing needs to cover, so you can be making a profit.



Everything your contracts must have, so you are not leaving money on table. The exact way to communicate so your offers stand out from the crowd



All the ways you can scale and earn more from your existing business.



The stories you tell yourself are just as important as the actions you take. 

Let me save you a lot of time,
 so you can focus on growing your business instead  

I took so many different courses over my well over a decade in photography business and could never get a clear answer for setting prices that would go beyond basic costs calculations and that I could easily apply to my business.

If you have experienced the same frustration, this workshop will give you the exact framework on how to come up with pricing that works for you easily, where you feel confident, certain and excited to sell your services, and pricing becomes easy.

Bridging the worlds of art and business is where my strength is. In the past my clients using this system were able to successfully triple their prices, by starting to charge what they wanted but did not dare before.

 My clients were able to move their business out of stagnation to being fully booked.

Imagine, if you were able to do that? How would it feel?

Who is this workshop a dream fit for?

Wondering if this is for you?

  • You’re a photographer who is ready to break out of the low price circuit and boost your income.
  • You want ease in your business.
  • You want to know how to communicate your prices to clients, so your offers are a filled with value and are a no brainer.
  • You want to see REAL LIFE price examples from the industry and how to position yourself 

Gintare, the pricing workshop was ON FIRE! 🤩 So much information that there are no more questions left. I tried so hard to think of them, but you just covered everything so completely. ❤️ THANK YOU for doing these workshops. We really need them.

The photography pricing workshop
 gives an exact framework on how to come up with pricing that works for you, where you feel confident, excited to sell your services and pricing becomes easy.

Here's what we will cover exactly:


Pricing fundamentals

Where do you start to set your prices?
I will walk your through all the aspects that influence the prices that you must take into account, so you get clear on how to structure your calender and offers.


Projects and copyright

What questions you need to ask your clients?
I will share the whole process I go with each of my clients from initial contact to the importance of copyright considerations.


The art of communication

How to make your offers stand out?
You will know exactly how to structure and present your offers so your clients understand the value of working with you and they stand out from the crowd.


Master Negotiations

How do negotiations work in photography? 
I will walk you through practical examples and what you need to know the next time you have a discussion with clients or when someone is asking for a discount.


Contract essentials

What are the ‘must’ points in contracts concerning pricing?
I will share the exact wording that is essential, so you optimise your earnings and get paid.


How to earn more?

How to optimise your services and time?
You will learn ways to earn more from your existing services with small and efficient changes.


Mindset shift for charging more

How can you change your narrative and boost your confidence?
 After this section you will know exactly the steps to take to create shifts in your mindset and confidence to bring your pricing (and business) to where you want it to.

What my clients say...

I did not expect the workshop will go so beyond pricing, but how to prepare for photoshoots in general. There was so much useful and practical information, thank you ❤️
The value of this workshop is so incredible and everyone needs to know it. It has inspired me to take action immediately. 
Thank you for this amazing workshop, this was the most useful one I have taken.

 How does it work?

Once you enroll, you will get instant access to the workshop

I recommend making yourself a big cup of tea, grabbing your favorite notebook and setting aside 2,5 hours to listen to the full workshop.

You can also download the exercises to have with you and set aside some time each day to work through them. I share the tools that had the most impact for me and my clients.

but wait, there is more!

Decisions by design

We are going to cover a segment on decision making based on human design, which changes the way you make decisions.

This will empower you to not rely on the opinion of others but to be confident in your own decision making.

This system has been the most life changing for me in the way I organise my business and especially take decision on prices and I strongly feel that everyone should know about it and can benefit from it.

There is no greater power than listening to your intuition and leading your business with it.


  •  How would your life change if you were able to price yourself how you wanted?    
  • How would it feel to be confident about your prices?  
  • How would it feel if you to know the exact steps to get there?  



Unlock the secrets to charging what you want and boost your income


You probably thought about this

This workshop will give you a full framework for setting prices and can be used for any photography. I personally work with commercial food, product, beauty and portrait photography, so the examples from my experience will be from these fields.

Both beginners and experienced photographers took this workshop and found it filled with value and practical advice they can implement.

I have examples in the workshop from my work with US and European based clients in commercial food, product and portrait photography over the last decade.

Once you are in the workshop, no refunds are offered on any circumstances. Please make sure you are committed before investing.

It's time to create your own rules in your business.

Ready to join?